About Us

Welcome to Legendary Diamonds. Inspired by my grandmother’s love of diamonds, I became interested in learning more about this beautiful gem and enrolled in classes through GIA. It didn’t take long before I was completely intrigued by the extraordinary nature of diamonds and the incredible journey that they make, from a single element to a breathtaking jewel that can represent some of the most Legendary moments in our lives!

Having a background in the dental industry as a former dental hygienist and being married to a dentist, I’ve always been passionate about helping people smile! I love to celebrate the special moments in life and will take a personal approach to help you celebrate yours!!

As you explore the exquisite diamonds and jewelry that Legendary Diamonds has to offer, I am happy to answer any questions that you might have about the clarity, color, cut or carat size of these beautiful stones.

I once read that if you can make someone’s day...do it! It doesn’t happen often enough! I am confident that you will make their day when you present that special person in your life with a dazzling diamond or unique piece of jewelry from Legendary Diamonds. Let your story live on for generations!